About Ham Baker Renewables

At Ham Baker Renewables we are continuously looking to develop new innovative technologies to help capture the potential energy from our natural resources, such as waste and hydro.

Digester Gas Mixing

Within the anaerobic digestion process created from food/human waste we have the Landia GasMix system that not only improves the digester mixing process thus suspending the grit content and preventing it from settling on the tank floor it can also significantly increase the gas produced.


Ham Baker Renewables can advise on a wide variety of hydro applications, our primary goal is to provide advice and solutions through the entire development of a hydro-electric power project from the initial idea through; feasibility, conceptual design, final design, build, commissioning to generation.       

By embracing innovative, cost-effective new technologies such as Plastic Generator Screws, Pumps as Turbines and low head and flow Kaplan turbines we have a golden opportunity to show the water industry what they can achieve by utilising hydro as a fundamental part of their renewable energy investment.